About me

Not currently being bothered to write it in full biographical style, and not wanting to be limited by that, I shall provide you with the current crop of words variously associated with me. Some of these are ascribed to me, some I give myself; sometimes I use ascribed ones for an easy life. I’ll leave you to figure out what’s what if you want to, and later when I feel like it I shall provide more solid information.

The words:
Loud, quiet, lazy, hard working, accessibility/usability consultant, user tester, not an accessibility/usability consultant but a tester/facilitator/demonstrator/researcher/anything but “consultant”, disability equality trainer, proof reader, JAWS trainer, writer, writes, actor, acting, acts, sings, swims, swimmer, rebel, whinger, activist, advocate, Colchester, disabled, visually impaired, blind, wheelchair user, special needs, mental health service user, patient, odd.


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