A Fickle Comedy Fan

I saw Jeremy Hardy last night at Colchester Arts Centre and was surprisingly disappointed.

My first problem was that I’d heard a lot of the material before from his “Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation” radio shows. The live show wasn’t particularly billed as containing new material – the publicity put more emphasis on him being a well established comedian – but even so I somehow expected more than half the gags to be unfamiliar, and it turned out to be the other way around.

I don’t think it was purely the material though – I’ve listened to several of his radio shows plenty of times and do still laugh. Somehow he just didn’t seem to deliver the lines with as much confidence/energy as usual. And whereas his radio shows have themes like “How To Die” or “How To Look”, last night he seemed to wander around with not much connecting the different topics/gags. Perhaps he’s always like this live – I’ve only ever heard him on the radio before – but it didn’t work for me.

That said, the ability to laugh also does depend on mood. I saw Paul Foot last week, and he too wanders from topic to topic – I can’t think of how his “System for Awkwardness Free Encounters” and a mime about a cat sanctuary and a fishmonger’s were linked together. Yet that didn’t bother me, and I found his show very entertaining.

But this week I’m struggling with depression, and though comedy/art of various kinds is more likely than many other things to seep in through the black fog around me, said fog does rather skew my perspective. Perhaps I’m more discerning at these times. Or perhaps it makes me a fickle fan.


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  1. You are an amazing personality. It was great to know you, whatever bit we have known you. We would definitely visit you again.

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